Parasites in the human body: symptoms

Hello everyone, dear readers! Today the topic will be smooth and not so fun, but very relevant. I decided to dedicate it to parasites, which are often the "occupants" of our organism. Just imagine that there is a stormy life in your blood, intestines, and skin right now. B-rr! One would tremble at the thought.

But today it has been scientifically proven that half of the planet's population is worm carriers, of which there are about 200 species and "offspring". Theoretically, you also belong to a risk group. We often donate tests, not so often. We live for ourselves, go to work, go to cafes and movies, and seem to feel relieved. . .

Please wait. Is it okay? And the chronic fatigue and weird wet cough that has not gone away for months does not bother you, diarrhea and constipation and other disorders in the gastrointestinal tract? That's the same! But this is one of the signs of the presence of worms. Parasites in the human body cause various symptoms. I am also trying to summarize it in today’s publication.

Length, round, flat etc.

What human parasites do you know? Worms? Instead, that is their common name. But the varieties are large smooth clumps. Let’s isolate until we know with whom we will quarrel.

Helminth under a microscope
  • The ringworm that lives in the digestive system is the largest group. These include bracelet worms, side scrapers, whip worms, cream worms and a few others. Their photos can be viewed on the Internet "in stock". They come to us because of the famous unwashed hands, as well as unprocessed and dirty fruits and vegetables, from poorly cooked meat and fish. If you have a cat or dog at home, then the chances of your worms are much higher.
  • The second type is tapeworm: broad tapeworm, echinococcus, tapeworm of pigs and cattle. These helminths are much larger than the previous ones. Some tapeworms can be over 25 meters wide! Such worms can be eaten all over the body, absorbing the nutrients they need inside you with its surface. They do not have a specific residential area in the body, as they are free to fly all over the body, crawling also to the brain and bone marrow. You can get infected by eating poorly fried meat or half-baked fish. That is why I never buy this product in the spontaneous market, "out of hand", because the sellers in these stores are clearly unaware of the existence of animal control.
  • Subcutaneous parasites (filament nematodes, dirofilaria) live under human skin. You can catch it in hot countries, for example, in Africa or India, from flies, mosquitoes or fleas. They are often visible: on the skin you will see strange bumps, which, if pressed, will slip from under the fingers.
  • Fluke worms: fascilopsis, hepatic fluke and others. Their habitat is the intestines, liver, pancreas. The source is uncooked contaminated water, salted fish, raw, and undercooked.
  • Worm tissue. They are located and parasites in various tissues of our body, in muscles, brain, connective tissue. You can get infections from animals, wild and domestic: pigs, cats, horses, ducks and chickens.
Parasites in the human body

Parasites in the human body: symptoms

Theoretically, each of the above types could create an invisible attack from within at this time, and you may not even know it. Many live with worms inside and literally let them eat for several years, until an analysis or physical examination of a doctor accidentally finds their eggs in your analysis. This is a quiet pest that not only eats you, but also has time to reproduce and remove toxins.

I immediately want to take a test coupon, right? But first, check for indirect signs of their presence. Do not panic immediately and do not diagnose yourself. Most of these symptoms overlap with other medical conditions.
So you may have worms if:

  1. You suddenly have anemia. Previously normal hemoglobin levels decreased significantly? This may indicate that it is helminths that are stealing iron from you.
  2. You often feel pain for no reason and a strange stomach ache. Detailed ultrasound examination of infected patients showed numerous microcircles, boils, lesions on the intestinal mucosa and other organs. This can cause inflammation and pain.
  3. Now diarrhea, now constipation. Do you eat as usual, and the nature of bowel movements has changed? Constipation can be caused by giant worms or small worms that weave balls. They, like cork, close the outlet for feces. Well, diarrhea is provoked by microhelminths, which destroy sodium and chloride, which are responsible for the normal consistency of feces, dilute it.
  4. Breaks the body, bones and joints. Worms can cause inflammation of the periarticular muscles and, as a consequence, discomfort.
  5. Acne, eczema, warts and other skin problems, as well as deterioration of nails and hair, are caused by toxins released by parasites. Your liver cannot process so many harmful substances that it affects your skin and hair.
  6. Overweight or rapid weight gain. Worms take a lot of useful substances from us, lose them - we lose weight significantly, but they also eat sugar - and because of their deficiency, we now and then have snacks and become obese.
  7. Gas release and bloating.
  8. Grinding teeth. They say that this is one of the most obvious signs, because in a dream, our body is relaxed and asleep, and the worm does not sleep, so that an unconscious reaction arises - to grind teeth and knock it.
  9. Weak immunity. Its decline is due to the fact that the body now has done all its defense against parasites, and it has no power left over for other viruses that come from outside.
  10. Drowsiness, lethargy, apathy and irritability with normal diet and rest. Worms openly steal from us almost all the minerals and nutrients we need: potassium, magnesium, iron, calcium. Its deficiency affects the nervous system and well-being.
  11. Itching. It usually gets stronger at night, when worms gather in the anus to lay eggs. Doctors say that at night we can find the worms "face to face", catching them in their dirty business.
  12. An incomprehensible cough without the flu.

Well, did you find 4-5 symptoms? Honestly, I also do not This just means one thing - it is time to go to the hospital to see a therapist, infectious disease specialist, immunologist or parasitologist. After a detailed examination, you will be given the necessary medication.

Parasites in the human body: expulsion

Ready for your whole family to be treated. Your entire household may also be infected, as parasites spread very quickly through personal hygiene items, household items, and dishes.

Although all medicines for worms are sold in pharmacies freely and without a prescription, you do not have to choose them yourself. Some of them only use certain types of worms and are completely useless compared to others. In addition, this drug has many contraindications.

Garlic parasite prophylaxis

Treatment with folk remedies, used by our grandmothers, when there were no pills and pharmacies, was also widespread.
Now doctors recommend combining home treatments with medical prescriptions, so we use all the ingredients described below just for prevention.

  • Anise infusion is great for adding hot showers. After sitting in it for about half an hour, you will get rid of a small number of worms. They do not tolerate the foul odor of this ingredient that penetrates your skin, but you should endure a little.
  • Ordinary roots kill parasites with their acid. Therefore, do not hesitate to chew the washed leaves in spring and summer.
  • Ordinary raw pumpkin seeds are excellent worms.
  • Pumpkin seeds to remove parasites from the body
  • Drink injected oak bark (200 ml - 2 tbsp).
  • Tansy also has a good antiparasitic effect. To prepare the broth, pour a tablespoon of the flowers with a glass of boiling water and press in a closed thermos for 4 hours. Take a healing mixture, having previously filtered, 1 tbsp. spoon 4 times a day before meals.
  • Eat more garlic, onions and carrots. For worms, the smell of its painful death is similar, and at the same time you will correct the destroyed immunity.

Do not think that one day all the parasites will leave your body in friendly form on their own free will. They will stay inside and feed you for a very long time, so you better start expelling them now, otherwise in a few years you will get gray, unpretentious, brittle hair, digestive problems and lack of all useful minerals. They will eat you alive, so don't let them do it!