Experience of use Clean Forte

"I have long dreamed of visiting countries in Southeast Asia. Not only traveling to Thailand, but living in different countries, cultivating the spirit of other cultures, getting to know their traditions, cuisine, religion better. My husband shared his dreamsI. We work hard at their place of work, pick up tickets at the end of autumn and fly for two months on the way.

I went into a fairy tale

Alina and her husband ate raw seafood and were infected with parasites

To say that this world amazes me is to say nothing. Other people, climate, nature, traditions, food - everything is like on another planet. In the first days of the trip, I received so many incredible emotions that I did not receive for six months at home. The first place we arrived was the city of Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia. Of course, I have visited Asian countries before, but here everything is different.

I am impressed with Asian cuisine and attitude towards food. Apparently I don’t see this much food at gastronomic festivals, and the number of fish and seafood dishes is incalculable. This is the first time I have seen incredible sea creatures that are edible, and many of them are eaten raw.

Delicious seafood is infected

During my two weeks there, I tried all the sea creeps, dozens of sushi varieties, amazing fish varieties, and many things I do not remember. Lots of delicious food just caught and eaten raw, but I don’t know what caused it.

We continued our journey, but on the way I felt unwell. Weakness, dizziness, severe stools and loss of appetite followed me for several days. My husband also started experiencing similar manifestations, and we realized that it was a food-borne infection. We found our compatriots winter in these places and asked for their help. We do not have health insurance, we also do not know which medicine to buy. We were accepted as relatives, asked about our health, and our new friend said with confidence that this was a worm.

They say they never eat raw seafood on the street, they buy it just for home, pour boiling water over them before eating, and then eat it. To avoid contamination, locals also consume wasabi, ginger and spices in large quantities, but for other cultures such foods are too spicy, and it is impossible to eat them out of the ordinary.

Our new partners manufacture their supply of medicines and offer professional anti-parasitic preparations to clean Clean Forte. They gave us 2 packs, telling us how to use medicine to get rid of worms as soon as possible. The people added that they always take this medicine on the go and be sure to take it here for prevention.

Alina got rid of the parasites with Clean Forte and they continued their journey

Clean Forte Drops helps me feel comfortable in 4 days

We started taking Clean Forte the same day. Two days later, I felt relieved, as did my husband. I had a stomach ache, but after a day it disappeared. I can say that on the fifth day I felt light and healthy, my appetite and sleep returned to normal.

I use the product to the end, three weeks is enough for me. My husband also improved his health, and we continued our journey. We have incredible experience in using Clean Forte. We exchanged ties with our new friends and thanked them for helping us a lot. Now I will always put a drop of Clean Forte in my travel box, and I will just eat raw fish in a nice restaurant and sprinkle it generously with spices. "Alina, Tampere.