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Doctor's recommendations

Doctor Infection experts Стефан Doctor Стефан
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During my ten years of training, I discovered many types of parasites, and not all of them we could differentiate in our clinical condition. This is why I most often prescribe a broad spectrum product like Clean Forte. The droplets destroy all kinds of parasites, and most importantly, their larvae, but the drug is practically harmless, as one of them is made of natural materials. A clean drop of Forte has almost no side effects and quickly destroys worms. I advise my patients in Bulgaria to buy only drops of Clean Forte.

According to statistics, 94% of people in the world are infected with parasites, but few suspect it. Parasites do not appear for a long time, disguised as special malaise, digestive disorders, vegetative-vascular dystonia, and chronic fatigue. Only after prolonged adverse effects of the parasite, the real cause of the health problem becomes clear.

Threats of ghosts or anyone who can inhabit the human body

For a very common worm, a cow tapeworm, a cow serves as an intermediate host, and one is the latter.

Parasitic disease has been known to humans for a long time. The fact of the first confirmed parasite attack began in 5900 BC. A case of infection with hepatic was recorded, the parasite was found in fossil human feces. Egyptian mummies also kept the fact of infection with parasites, this has been confirmed more than once by archaeological research.

Parasites adapt to their host body and begin their active life. Parasites can have both middle and lower teams. So, for example, for a very common helminth, a tapeworm, a cow serves as an intermediary host, and someone serves as the last host. In the latter body, this parasite can live up to 25 years, while growing from 4 to 10 meters.

Some parasites have no purpose to enter the human body, they get there by accident, but more often a person turns out to be the host for parasites. Toxoplasma, alveococcus, echinococcus can infect people and parasites in their bodies, but initially their targets are other mammals, such as wolves, foxes, dogs, cats, lynx. Only in this mammal can the parasite complete its life cycle. Even so, parasites that use humans as intermediate hosts are no less harmful to the body than parasites that initially seek to settle in humans forever.

You never know! In official medicine, there are cases of infection of patients with intentional parasites. For example, a psychiatrist, Vagner-Yauregg in 1927 received the Nobel Prize for developing methods of treating paralysis using malaria, also known as a parasitic disease. The origin of this method comes from ancient medicine: even in ancient times, it was found that parasites affect the nervous system and carry positive dynamics in the treatment of melancholy, depression, epilepsy. Such treatment facilities are quite controversial, the method is not widely used in the modern world.

How parasites work in the human body

Each type of parasite is introduced into the human body in its own way. Some enter through food, others through small wounds on the body, some species enter the body through contaminated water, and some through dirty hands or through physical contact with disease carriers.

All species have their own behavioral characteristics in the body. Some of them immediately start attacking, others look closely, and others immediately start breeding. But there is a general pattern followed by most types of parasites.

Parasitic action scheme in the human body
1 2 3 4 5
Penetrates as eggs Reproduce Distributed throughout the body Feed Body toxins
Damages tissue, attaches to intestinal wall Larvae hatch and enter the bloodstream Carried with blood to organs and systems Suck nutrients out of the body Produces toxic enzymes
Weakness, irritability, frequent mood swings Headache, confusion Allergic reactions to the skin, stool disorders, abdominal pain Infections, insomnia, allergies Body damage, poisoning

Preventing infection or blocking it early is the best way to maintain your health and well-being. If you suspect that you have a parasitic infection or would like to prevent infection, take Clean Forte.

How Clean Forte Drops Help Protect The Body

Drops Clean Forte is a professional remedy against parasites, made based on medicinal plants and natural ingredients. This tool is effective against parasites, worms, bacteria, fungi. Every ingredient of the product intentionally acts against internal and external enemies, without harming humans.

The main active ingredient in Clean Forte drops is clove extract

The parts of all components are carefully balanced, the concentration includes as many ingredients as necessary to destroy uninvited guests and normalize body work. Improving the condition of the body, normalizing the stomach, cleansing the skin, returning to normal sleep and appetite will soon come.

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What is in Clean Forte

The powerful antiparasitic plants that make up the drops of Clean Forte are time-tested and proven by more than one generation of people.

This combination of plants gives a strong and unparalleled effect. This medicine is not harmful to health and can be used without consulting a doctor.

Benefits of Using Clean Forte

By using Clean Forte to get rid of parasites, you get a number of added benefits. This product has a good effect on the whole body, cleanses it, restores the work of organs, supports liver and stomach function. Using drops will help you achieve the following effects:

Clean Forte professional anti-parasitic preparations are the number one drug in Bulgaria. Hurry up to take advantage of great deals! Cleanse your body from all kinds of parasites!

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