The most dangerous parasite in the human body

The human body is always exposed to external dangers. These are the types of diseases, infections and so on. One of the most common serious problems is parasites. They enter the body completely unnoticed, the consequences can be very serious. It is important to know which parasites in the human body are the most dangerous, what are the health threats posed by them. You can see the parasite in detail in the photo.

Different worms live all over the world, all divided according to mode of transmission, type. Parasitic worms are transmitted to humans mainly in the following ways:

  • infected people;
  • animals;
  • soil, food, water;
  • insect bites.

Worms are divided into several types:

  • flux;
  • round;
  • pita.

Worms are a very large class of parasitic worms that live in plants, animals and humans. They can live in hollow organs, thicker tissue, the tissue itself.

10 most dangerous parasites in the human body

  1. Schistosomes are dangerous parasites from tropical waters.
  2. Rishta is a worm that lives under human skin.
  3. Filariae is a dangerous parasitic elephantiasis.
  4. Echinococcus is a dangerous larva in the body.
  5. Whiskered Vandellia is a fish parasite.
  6. Worms are known to all worms.
  7. Cow tapeworms are very large and long worms.
  8. Ankylostoma is a small dangerous worm.
  9. Wide tapeworm - a danger to the human gut.
  10. Pig tapeworm is a dangerous disease.

Schistosomes - live in venous blood

The second name of the parasite is blood coincidence. Infection occurs through the skin, in contact with contaminated water. The disease caused by schistosomiasis is called schistosomiasis.Schistosomes are dangerous parasites in human bloodThey are different from other helminths in their habitat: they live and reproduce in the venous system. Most common in South America, Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia. Its size is not large, length 2. 6 cm, diameter 0. 6 mm, which is clearly visible in the photo. Someone realizes that he or she has the following symptoms:

  • intestinal disorders;
  • enlarged lymph nodes, spleen.

But the symptomology is different, it all depends on the place where the body accumulates:

  • nervous system - disorientation, memory loss, headache;
  • bladder - inflammation of organs, blood in urine, abdominal pain;
  • liver - ascites, enlargement of organs, spleen;
  • intestines - diarrhea, polyps.

Worm eggs are very dangerous, they pierce, damaging the lymph walls and blood vessels of various organs and tissues. In this way, parasites can even enter the uterus, lungs, prostate, and stomach. Worms, eggs clog blood vessels, leading to the formation of varicose veins, tumors, cysts. Helminths of this type can cause serious problems, including cancer of the bladder, liver, prostate, liver fibrosis. To prevent infection with the most dangerous parasites of the human body, it is very important to avoid swimming in tropical waters, washing vegetables, fruits and hands well before eating. Schistosomiasis can be cured conservatively if treatment is started on time. In the event of complications, surgery is performed.

Rishta - subcutaneous worm

Dracunculiasis is a disease caused by a type of parasite in the human body. Infection occurs through the dirty water of tropical reservoirs in Asia and Africa. Usually humans are infected, but there are cases of dogs being infected.

Rishta is the most dangerous worm under the skin

Worms enter the human body while swallowing contaminated water, where copepods live - carriers of rishta larvae. Treatment only with surgery. Secondary infections of the injured skin are very dangerous.

Once in the body, rishta literally gnaws on tissues, intestinal wall, lives in the lymphatic ducts, subcutaneous fat. In length, the worms can grow large, up to 80 centimeters. A strong abscess appears in the area of the body where the rishta is located, and parasites can be found in it. The disease is only caused by females, males die after mating. When the infected area of skin comes in contact with water, the female worms come out at close range, throwing the larvae into the water. These larvae must be caught by copepod lobsters in order to survive.

Filariae is a very dangerous parasite for the body

Another name for a worm is a filament. Of all the species, about 10 people prefer, causing filariasis. They are called yarn because of their appearance, the worms are very thin, like yarn, you can see it in the photo. Diameter 0. 3 cm, however, is large in length, up to 50 cm or more. After hitting the body, they live in subcutaneous tissue, body cavity, heart, blood, lymphatic ducts, in any part of the body. Very common in hot countries.

Filaria - a dangerous worm that looks like a rope

They are spread through blood-sucking insects, sometimes lice, which are then transmitted through the blood of infected animals, humans. The danger lies in the fact that the most devastating worms can be detected when the disease becomes chronic, it is almost impossible to cure it. Collecting, filari block the lymphatic system, clog blood vessels, cause elephantiasis. The patient's legs became large, swollen excessively, so that he could not move, there are many photos of people with this disease on the Internet.

Echinococcus is a great danger to humans and animals

These tapeworms live in the intestines of dogs, wolves, rarely cats, and are easily spread to humans.Echinococcus is one of the most dangerous parasites in humansLarvae Echinococcus is one of the most dangerous, causing echinococcosis. The adult worm is 3 to 5 mm long, in a photo describing the parasite, it is clear that it has a head with suckers, hooks, and segments. From the dog's body, the eggs come out with feces, sometimes up fur.

Infection also occurs through livestock. Infection occurs in humans through the mouth, eating contaminated meat, dog saliva. Larvae penetrate further into the body, through their blood entering the liver, where they live and reproduce. Rarely enters the bones, muscles, lungs. During development, echinococci turn into large bubbles the size of a child's head. Depending on the neglect of the disease, treatment is done with medications or immediately, by removing organ tissue along with larval bubbles.

Whiskered Vandellia - the smallest and most awful

In general, this creature belongs to the fish, but it is one of the most dangerous for the body. People are afraid of it because during bathing, small creatures that are almost transparent along 15 cm can easily penetrate the urethra, genitals, and anus. Then Vandellia is attached to the vessel and eats blood. Unfortunately, the only way to get rid of parasites is through surgery.

Wandellia whispers - a dangerous parasitic fish

Ascaris - the most famous human body worm

Parasites are widespread, often found in the human body. If human worm eggs fall into the ground, the eggs can be stored there for almost a year until they move to a good environment. In the body, it releases toxins that affect the liver and lungs. Ascaris does not stop in one place, constantly moving throughout the body, affecting blood vessels, and causing inflammation.

Ringworm is the most common parasite on the human body

The main habitat of the most dangerous worm is the intestine, where parasites live comfortably, eating food eaten by infected people. They can enter the pancreas, bile, liver, reach the esophagus, block breathing. One round worm lays up to 1000 eggs per day. The length is quite large, up to 30 cm.

Bull tape worms are the biggest and most dangerous worms

This very large parasite lives in the small intestine, the image of the tapeworm is amazing. The body of the tapeworm consists of a head with an suction, a large number of segments, numbering from 2, 000 to 5, 000. The length of the worm continues to increase with growth, up to 10 meters. In the human body, without treatment, it can live up to 20 years. It produces about 600 million eggs a year, up to 11 billion per life cycle.

Cattle tapeworms are very large parasites

Only live in the small intestine of animals, humans. The intermediate host where someone is infected is a cow. Infections occur through meat, milk, poorly processed, cooked or raw fish, through contact with pets.

Worms - dangerous dangerous worms

This worm is very common in East Asia, Africa, causing mine worm disease. Parasites live in the human duodenum, do not grow large, maximum 14 mm. Infection occurs through dirty hands, vegetables, fruits, even through the skin when working with soil, when walking barefoot on the grass, the larvae penetrate the skin.

Ankylostoma is a great danger to the body

Once inside the body, it enters the bloodstream, from there it leads to the liver, heart, lungs. Ankylostomosis leads to serious complications, especially hepatitis, boils.

Bandwidth - dangerous parasites with large long bodies

Infection with this worm occurs through fish, if a person eats raw fish, undercooked, raw pike caviar or is involved in the processing of fish, infected seafood.Worm tapesDangerous tapeworm grows up to 15 meters, very large, its body consists of a large number of segments - up to 4. 000, in the head there is an inhaler in which the worm attaches to the intestine. Looking at the picture of the worm, it is hard to believe that it can live inside a person. Larvae grow in just a month. Extensive tapeworms lead to a serious disease - diphyllobothriasis.

Patients have a strong vitamin deficiency, because worms eat all the nutrients in the body. All of its large bodies absorb nutrients on its surface. Where tapeworms suck, necrosis begins. The most dangerous tapeworms can live in the human body for up to 10 years.

Pig tapeworms are worms that are very dangerous to the human body

This worm can be confused with a tapeworm, but it does not grow so large, a maximum length of 3 meters. There are also fewer segments in the body, up to 1. 000. At the head of the worm there is a suction, proboscis with a hook. Thus, tapeworms attach to the intestinal wall. It is rooted in the bodies of pigs, rabbits, rabbits, dogs, camels, through which it reaches the person - the last owner. Infection is allowed through the use of raw meat, meat. It is very dangerous for the egg to enter the human body, as it becomes an intermediate master, the Finnish level occurs in it, which often leads to the most serious illness and death.

Pig rib worm

Helminth causes cysticercosis, teniasis. If there are many parasites, they clog the intestines, as a result, the patient should be treated immediately. They can penetrate the intestinal wall, enter the lymphatic ducts, and enter the internal organs. Complications of the disease lead to damage to subcutaneous tissue, muscles, skin, spinal cord, brain, bones, and internal organs. The most important thing is to do prevention, process the meat carefully before eating. One must observe personal hygiene, prevention of helminthiasis.